Perspective,  Acrylic on Glass,  15" Diameter, 2005

Perspective - Minty blue white opaque background.  Circular surface.  About two to three inches from the edge are wine colored paint marks, uncontained by clear edges.  There is a series of white dots painted in some kind of formation.  Whatever this is, it's abstract to be sure.  Cutting at about a 15 degree diagonal through the center of this array of wine-colored marks is a smoothly painted strip, almost like a runway or a street.  Another similar intersects it towartd the top.  At the bottom right of the wine colored marks the white dots begin, moving horizontally, then up along the right edge of the vertical strip, to the intersecting strip, horizontally along that to the left, and then back down the vertical strip again.  This, according to the artist, depicts a sensory experience of negotiating the crossing of a street. A more complete visual description to come!
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