Trails,  Acrylic on Glass,  15" Diameter, 2012

Trails - A circular painted surface.  Horizontally, three quarters of the surface are green, above that is a darker green or black tree line, and above that a deep blue sky area with some lighter blue clouds.  On the left is a tree, a brown vertical line, on the right is a shrub like tree form, darker shades of green than the field area it's painted on.  Just to the left of that shrub like tree shape is a diagonal form resembling a striped ramp or stairs.  There's a white cane (a white stick line form with a red tip below and a black tip above) leaning against the tree on the left side of the circular painting surface.  Just to the right of the brownish striped plank or ramp or stairs is a similar, slightly smaller white stick, but it two pieces, appearing to be lying in the grass.  Above the ramp or stairs in still more green area is an even smaller white stick or dash with a red tip and a black tip, lying horizontally just above to the right.
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