Across,  Acrylic on Glass,  15" Diameter, 2012

Trails - A circular painted surface.  The entire surface of this painting is a soft, periwinkly, purply blue. There is a gradient from a slightly dark version of this color at the top of the painting, to a lighter horizontal line running across its center, creating a horizon. This same gradient is repeated below the horizon line, darker at it's top edge, and lighter as it reaches the bottom-most point of the painting. There is a white triangle, slightly leaning to the right, with a slight division in it's top point, and a black bottom edge, resembling a sailboat. This triangular form is just right of the center of the circlular surface. There is another bit of white, anout a 20th the size of this triangle, also just at the horizon line, just as bright, in the soft shape of an almond. This suggests a sailboat in the distance, and gives the painting a sense of depth and perspective. There is a lighter blue, slightly messy line, that plays along the horizon creating further luminosity to this somewhat placid scene. Soft crisscrossing brush strokes work horizontally through the sky and the ocean, and the eyes are drawn to the bright points of white, and the considerable distance between them.
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