The Course,  Acrylic on Glass,  15" Diameter, 2013

Trails - A circular painted surface.  The majority of the surface of this painting is dark blue with sloping, vertical strokes of a lighter blue, a strong diagonal line at about 45 degrees starting from the top left and going down to the bottom right connote a big wave. At the crest of it, up towards the top left, a black hulled boat in full sail, two white triangular sails, emerges from the edge of the frame. At the point of contact of the boat and wave is a scrumble of white that also sprays beyond the wave, above it into a medium, milky, almost purply blue, connoting a background or a sky. There are darker blue patches visible in the sky some a bit scratchy, some made through brush strokes, that give it an active or windy quality. On the right side of the circular surface, about half way down, is a smaller triangular shape, also blue, but a medium color between the sky color above and the ominous dark sheet of a wave dominating the painting. There is some white along it's top edge, and a similar sweep of some dark blue alludes to motion and a sense of pull in the wave. Right along the top edge, overlapping some of the white and lighter blue at it's a edge, is a broken up, squiggly blue line. The tiny dots of white in the sky above could also be star points. The boat seems in a very active, confident position.
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