Loss of Anonymity,  Acrylic on Glass,  15" Diameter, 2003

Loss of Anonymity -  Brown/silver background.  Circular shape.  If the surface were trisected vertically into threes, the right and left areas have many sketched eyes floating:  some small (half inch wide) to larger (an inch).  They are all drawn with three strokes, two curved lines for upper and lower lids, and a circle or dot for the iris at center.  They all have the typical almond shape, but some are narrower, rounder, at diagonals.  The irises are placed differently in each, so that there are eyes that appear to look up, down, to the side, and depending on their size and location, to look frightened, concerned, bored, indifferent, angry or mean.  In the center area, up towards the top third, is a thin white line just diagonal of horizontal with a red tip on it.  Below it, getting larger toward the bottom are white dots, staggered like footsteps.  While some say it looks like a magician's wand and sprinkled snow, others see a path of cane-taps receding in the distance with a white can suspended, through the sea of eyes to its right and left.  A more complete visual description to come!
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